Environmental Talent Development Project

Environmental Skills for Success Training Series: Green Career Growth for a Sustainable Economy

Introducing the Environmental Skills for Success Project by ECO Canada. We will deliver initiatives to enhance job seekers’ foundational skills and educate employers on talent development strategies. Goal of this project is to increase diverse, skilled workers and offer employers access to talent. Through tailored training, individuals will master key skills for success, fostering a thriving, inclusive workforce.


The Government of Canada’s Skills for Success Program aims to boost the foundational skills of job seekers in environmental sectors, including an increase in the number and diversity of qualified workers while granting employers access to skilled talent. Through comprehensive training aligned with the Skills for Success model, job seekers will develop key competencies essential for success in the environmental sector. This training series will cater to participants at all skill levels, fostering inclusivity and empowerment in a skills-based economy.

The project’s objectives include addressing current skills and labor market challenges, collaborating with partners to enhance job seekers’ environmental employability. Additionally, it aims to raise employer awareness on training investments and promote inclusive talent acquisition and retention strategies.

Project Objectives

The project will unite industry and other stakeholders to create initiatives aimed at developing the foundational skills of job seekers, with a specific focus on equity-deserving candidates.

Specifically, the project will:  

  1. Respond to current skills and labour market issues and enable broad adoption and uptake of the Skills for Success model;
  2. Work with a range of partners to develop and deliver training and tools to improve job seekers’ environmental employability;
  3. Increase employer awareness and buy-in on the importance of training investments, inclusive talent acquisition and retention strategies;
  4. Increase alignment between industry needs and academia through educational and training standards development and stakeholder dialogue; and
  5. Develop a sustainability strategy to grow, develop and diversify environmental talent.

This project commenced on November 1, 2023, and will conclude on March 31, 2026 (29 months). 

Training Initiatives

Essential Skills for Success curriculum

Aiming to equip individuals with the foundational skills necessary to thrive in the environmental sector.

Women in Leadership curriculum

Focus on providing training, resources and leadership skills to empower women in leadership positions.

Training Catalogue

Will include training streams, and library of additional employability resources.

Training series framework

Includes learning objectives, content outline and learning outcomes for each training stream.

AR/VR Training Curriculum

The AR/VR (Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality) curriculum will provide participants with hands-on experience and expertise in utilizing AR/VR technologies across various industries.

Drone Training Curriculum

Designed to equip participants with the essential skills needed to operate drones effectively and ethically in various industries.

Indigenous Training Curriculum

Designed with Indigenous communities, to incorporate traditional teachings, cultural practices into environmental education.

Tools and Resources

This project will include:

  1. Mentorship Platform:

The Mentorship Platform will be a dynamic and interactive program designed to facilitate meaningful connections and foster professional growth and development. 

  1. Skills assessment guide for employers:

The Skills Assessment Guide for Employers will be a comprehensive tool designed to guide employers in effectively assessing candidates’ qualifications, capabilities, and potential fit for various roles within their organizations.

  1. HR & Diversity toolkit:

This toolkit will support organizations within the environmental sector to implement effective human resources (HR) practices and promote diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in the workplace.

Thank you to our partner for making these programs possible:

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