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Professional Development Training

Explore a wide range of topics from professional development to environmental training.

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Training Program

Empowering Indigenous communities for environmental leadership
and job opportunities.

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Post Secondary Accreditation

Strengthen Environmental Career Pathways through our Academic Programs

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Invest in Higher Education​

Take Your Environmental Career Further With Post-Secondary Training Both Online & In-Person.

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Explore ECO Canada's comprehensive platform offering training courses, BEAHR Indigenous programs, accreditation, and our partnership with Royal Roads University.

Flexible, expert-led professional development covering career readiness, technical trends, and skill development.

BEAHR Indigenous Program:
Empowering Indigenous communities with essential environmental skills and job opportunities.

Post-Secondary Accreditation:
Enhanced environmental career pathways through accredited academic programs.

Royal Roads University:
Innovative programs for emerging environmental leaders, combining industry focus and online flexibility.


ECO Canada’s training sessions provide flexible, affordable, and expert-led professional development training options, designed to fit into any busy schedule. 

With a variety of subjects available, learners can explore topics such as career preparedness, technical trends, and skill development through workshops and webinars led by Canada’s leading experts. 

BEAHR Indigenous Program

Our BEAHR  Indigenous training programs provides a unique platform for Indigenous communities to develop environmental leadership skills and gain job opportunities.

The program combines traditional Indigenous wisdom with scientific knowledge, empowering First Nation, Métis and Inuit students with the necessary skills for successful careers in the environmental sector. By fostering community empowerment, partnerships, and tailored vocational training, BEAHR serves as a vital link between Indigenous values and environmental field. Additionally, individuals have the chance to become BEAHR Certified Trainer.

Post Secondary Education

Strengthen environmental career pathways through our academic programs with accreditation services for post-secondary environmental programs, enhancing education quality and ensuring students have a competitive edge in the industry. 

With 44 accredited programs and initiatives supporting Indigenous and co-op students, we stand as a leading choice for educators shaping the next generation of environmental professionals. 

Learn about Post-Secondary Program Accreditation, the List of Accredited Programs in Canada and more.

OUR Partner - Royal Roads University

Royal Roads University

Royal Roads University offers innovative programs to help you become emerging leaders in the environmental sector. These programs combine an industry approach with advanced education and professional development to ensure students thrive when they enter the environmental workforce. 

Leveraging over 20 years of expertise in online learning, RRU offers all programs fully online, providing flexibility and accessibility for individuals seeking to advance their environmental careers.

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