EPT Designation

Become an Environmental Professional

Your first step towards earning the only nationally recognized professional environmental designation.

EPt Designation​

EPt is more than a credential; it’s an opportunity to build your professional network, gain mentorship from established EPs, and hone the skills required to achieve your goals. 

Take control of your future. Apply for the EPt program. 

Benefits of EPt

EPt Designation Application Process

4. Complete Application Criteria

5. Prepare for Board Approval

6. Pay Certification Fee of $130

7. Celebrate Your New EP in-training Status!

*Once your fee is paid in step three, our team will help you complete the rest of the application.

Eligibility Requirements

We award the EPt designation to environmental professionals who meet the following requirements: 

Education: Have a recognized Canadian college diploma or university degree, or equivalent international credentials. 

Commitment to honing your expertise: Complete your National Occupational Standards (NOS) for environmental employment assessment. 

Professional Ethics: Adhere to the Code of Ethics and sign the EPt Ethics Agreement to become certified. 

Professional Development: Complete and submit annual professional development requirements outlined in your EPt Professional development framework.

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