EP Designation

Code of Ethics & Body of Knowledge

Accountability and Validation of Practice

We have developed, with the support of subject-matter experts, an extensive Guideline for Ethical Practice that all members must adhere to.

The philosophy behind the updated EP Code of Ethics and the central tenets contained within the Guideline of Ethical Practice is to support the vision, values, rules of conduct, and standards of practice for EP members. The EP Code of Ethics provides a common set of values within the profession.

Operate At The Topmost Level

Code of Ethics

The Guideline for Ethical Practice is a useful document for practicing EP’s that wish to reinforce professionalism, gaining autonomy, and gain professional recognition. It is also essential for Environmental Professional in-training (EPt) to prepare to upgrade to EP designation.

To protect the public welfare, EPs must continually conduct themselves to the highest ethical and professional standards.

The EP Code of Ethics includes several tenets which all certified and in-training members must perform under to remain in good standing, including:

Body of Knowledge

Environmental Professionals (EPs) are a group of diverse practitioners across Canada. Among them are scientists, technicians, engineers, biologist, auditors, managers, consultants, and executives – all of whom hold important, specialized knowledge.

The Body of Knowledge outlines the core competencies, ethical requirements and important knowledge that applicants and certified members must uphold.

Written Examination

As part of your EP application, we require a passing grade for the Core Competency and Ethics Exam. Ethics are a significant portion of the exam due to the importance as part of environmental practice in Canada.

Overview of the
Complaints Procedure

Defending Our Sector's Integrity

Ethics Complaints

Along with the EP Guidelines for Ethical Practice, we have a Code of Conduct – Complaints Procedure to offer clarification to the EP community and the public on what the appropriate steps are if they feel that an EP has not conducted themselves according to the EP Code of Ethics.

If matters involving unethical behavior arise, we offer a formal ethics complaint process. These ethical cases are taken seriously and will be investigated by the Ethics and Discipline Standing Committee (EDSC) on behalf of the Canadian Environmental Certification Approvals Board (CECAB).

The EDSC is responsible for the implementation of the Complaint Investigation and Disciplinary Process. When the EDSC is satisfied as to the facts of the case, it will deliberate and send its recommendations to the Approvals Board for final determination and enforcement.

File a Complaint

To file a formal complaint, complete the ethics complaint form, sign it, attach any supporting documents and mail or email it to our Registrar.

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