Kick-Start Your Environmental Career with ECO Canada Wage Subsidies

Kick-Start Your Environmental Career with ECO Canada Wage Subsidies

Even with the proper education, getting your foot in the door with companies in your field can be challenging.

Unfortunately, smaller businesses cannot always invest in training for prospective employees. Onboarding new staff is a considerable investment for companies of any size.

ECO Canada is proud to offer a list of available wage subsidies through the Government of Canada that can help.


For Businesses

Of course, the potential upside for a business discovering a reliable new employee is immense. Finding a dedicated and passionate individual that wants to learn is always a significant asset.

Recent grads bring an awareness of the latest trends and technologies within the industry. They also provide a positive energy and enthusiasm that is tougher to find in some older, more experienced hires.

All that’s required for subsidy consideration is filling out an electronic form. If you’re a Canadian business, you’re invited to read more about these initiatives. 


For Job Seekers

Gaining practical hands-on experience with a potential employer is an opportunity to evaluate a possible career path. It’s a fantastic way to assess your future goals.

Being in the field, forging relationships, learning processes, and interacting within that community is time well spent. Working is the true measure of your education’s success and your commitment to the industry.

Any experience, be it part-time or full-time, with an employer connected to your area of study looks impressive on a resume.

Applying for a wage subsidy also shows initiative (even though it doesn’t take all that long to fill out the application).

Presenting that application to a prospective employer, and encouraging them to follow suit, presents you as a highly motivated job prospect. It’s what HR managers like to see.

Close to 30% of the current workforce are expected to retire in the next decade, driving the need to attract new talent including from equity-seeking groups and mid-career transitioners and develop/upskill existing workers.


What’s in It for You?

Never underestimate the importance of your first job or an internship in the industry.

It’s a chance to gain contacts, collect references, and gain the confidence to move forward in your career. It is where potential lifelong friendships are made. Whether you are there for a few months or a year, time spent in the role serves as a launchpad for every job that follows.

As a student, recent grad, or even someone looking to try a new career, wage subsidies are your potential ticket to a new and exciting life.

Are you ready to take control of your job-seeking future?


Programs That Work

ECO Canada and our funding partners within the Government of Canada are proud to help employers take on new employees with a host of wage funding opportunities.

ECO Canada has distributed over $167 million in funding and created more than 16,755 job placements. During the peak of the pandemic which saw record levels of funding, we created over 4,300 placements in 2021 alone.

Job funding for young practitioners continues to strengthen the environmental workforce in this country.


Create Your Own Work Placements

Visit the ECO Employment Programs page to learn more about the latest opportunities.

The amount of programs and services ECO Canada provides is expansive. Bookmark the website to stay up-to-date with all the latest information that can help advance your career.

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