ECO Canada is Searching for Consultants to Work on Toolkit Development for Ocean Founders and Expert Mentors

Request for Proposal
Toolkit Development for Ocean Founders and Expert Mentors

ECO Canada is looking to develop, validate and pilot three toolkits to support “The Blue Mentorship and Leadership Pathways” project, which aims to build a more robust and innovative marine sector by helping leaders and founders of ocean-based businesses connect with diverse people and ideas.

These toolkits will cover:

  • Effective Mentorship
  • Laddering Talent
  • Recruiting Talent

Each toolkit should reflect strategies that are relevant and effective in the modern workforce landscape; the information should be suitable for mentoring, laddering, and recruitment of diverse talent.  The toolkits should take an evidence-based approach to the benefits of diversity, running an inclusive organization, and accessing the largest possible pool of talent within Canada’s diverse workforce.

Read the full Request for Proposal to learn more details about requirements, activities, evaluation criteria, selection process and timelines.
Click here to download full document.


Proposal Submission Deadline & Specifications

Proposals should be marked “Proponent Name – Proposal for Toolkit Development” and submitted to

All documents required with the submission, as stated in section 3.0 Proposal Submission Requirements, should be included as one PDF document and are not to exceed 15 pages excluding appendices. Submissions will be accepted until 4 pm (MST) by November 2nd, 2022

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