ECO Canada Opens Applications for Digital Skills for Youth Program  



ECO Canada Opens Applications for Innovative Digital Skills for Youth Program  


Calgary, Alta., Nov. 9, 2023 –  


ECO Canada, a leading organization dedicated to advancing environmental sustainability and fostering green careers, proudly announces applications are back open for the Government’s Digital Skills for Youth Program. 


In response to the growing demand for skilled professionals in the green economy, ECO Canada and the Government of Canada have developed a wage funding program aimed at equipping Canadian youth with the digital skills to thrive in environmentally focused careers. The Digital Skills for Youth Program is a strategic response to the evolving job market. Eligible employers receive 80 per cent of wage coverage up to $18,000 of a candidate’s salary for placement in a new full-time/part-time 3-to-12-month position. This program provides the opportunity to onboard young professionals and create meaningful environmental jobs while removing limitations and challenges of hiring new graduates.  


Key features of the program include: 


Tailored Digital Training: The program offers a range of digital skills training modules, customized to meet the specific needs of the green sector. Participants will gain expertise in areas such as data analysis, digital marketing, and sustainable technology applications. 


Industry-Relevant Training: ECO Canada has collaborated with industry experts to ensure that the training aligns with the latest trends and requirements of the job market. This approach guarantees that participants are well-prepared for the challenges and opportunities they may encounter in their future careers. 


Eligibility: Eligible candidates must be a post-secondary graduate or high school graduate (not required for participants who live in Yukon, Northwest Territories or Nunavut). Eligible employers must be small to medium-sized companies (under 500 employees) and not-for-profit organizations. 


“In today’s dynamic job market, the complementarity of digital skills and environmental sustainability is crucial. This program not only equips young Canadians with the skills, but opens doors to different opportunities,” says Sarah Casorso, Director of Employer Services at ECO Canada.  


ECO Canada is confident that the Digital Skills for Youth Program will not only contribute to the personal and professional development of participants but also play a pivotal role in accelerating Canada’s transition to a sustainable and resilient economy. 


For more information about the program and how to get started, please visit DS4Y Page | ECO Canada 

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