Change Your Career Trajectory with a New EP Designation

Change Your Career Trajectory with a New EP Designation

You’ve always been interested in the outdoors and the sciences, but now it’s time to start thinking about your future job prospects. Many post-secondary options are available in Canada, but which school do you choose? Or maybe you’ve got some work experience under your belt, but you’re feeling that itch to test yourself in a new position. 

 Settling on a specific career can be challenging when you’re first starting out. It doesn’t get any easier when you switch things up later in life. Wherever you find yourself, life is more manageable when you have a strong support system to help you transition to the next career stage. 

An Environment Professional (EP) designation on your resume (in its many forms) is the booster you need to help launch an exciting new career!


Having a Specific Goal Helps Channel Your Focus 

Many people simply go through the motions while they are at school or work. It’s time to get inspired. 

 When mapping out your next steps on the job front, having a specific goal sharpens your focus. For over 6,000 Canadians, that focus has been gaining EP designation. If the environmental sector is where you ultimately want to be, then enrolling at one of the institutions with Environmental Professional (EP) accreditation is a logical choice. 

 No matter where you are in your career, you can apply for the EP designation anytime. 


EP Designations

Landing EP status automatically expands your network of contacts.

Become an EPt Student​: This opportunity is available to all post-secondary students. 

Become an EP Auditor:  Raise your professional profile with a new title as an EP(CEA) Compliance Environmental Auditor or an EP(EMSLA) Environmental Management Systems Lead Auditor. 

Become an Environmental Professional In-Training (EPt): Add the credentials that will enhance your resume. 


Choosing a Career Direction Isn’t Always Easy

If you’ve already acquired experience in your profession but you’re looking to advance your standing, EP designation can be the difference maker in garnering the attention of your supervisors. Knowing where you need to go when you’re a student is a great help. What’s great about the EP designation is that you can apply for it at any point in your life! And when you do, you’ll open up a wealth of new and exciting possibilities. 


Knowing the Next Step at All Times Is Crucial for Success

How will you get to the place you want to be if you don’t know which way to go? A career path doesn’t come with instructions. However, an EP designation can help point you in the direction you need to go.  

Should you pursue the Environmental Professional certification, you’ll have access to a robust support system where new opportunities abound.

Environmental Professional (EP) is a nationally recognized certification with different membership levels. It is a prestigious fraternity to join. The longer you’re involved, the more opportunities you’ll have. 


Education, Skills, and Industry Contacts

Landing a good job today requires technical expertise and the soft skills to work effectively with others. EP designation is the perfect resource for honing these necessary qualities. EP enrollment gives you access to online seminars, workshops, and invitations to special events. Having the confidence to interact with others is a positive trait. But knowing the right people is also beneficial in landing your desired role.

Environmental Professionals include respected leaders across Canada. The designation is affiliated with businesses (Environmental Professional Employer (EPE) and accredited academic institutions, all of whom may be instrumental in advancing your career. 

Determine your eligibility and learn more by visiting our Designations & Memberships page. 

Are you ready to change things up? Now’s your chance. 


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