We produce comprehensive environmental Labour Market Information (LMI) that describe important facts and trends related to employment. This information is presented in our monthly series of info-graphic reports known as Snapshots of Supply and Demand. Each Snapshot defines a sub-sector related to environmental work, based our Sector Model for Environmental Employment.

Environmental Sub-sectors


The snapshots below feature the key characteristics of the environmental workforce, and the future demand for workers. By viewing them together, you’ll gain a complete picture of the Canadian Environmental Workforce.

Latest Snapshot: Energy

Energy Snapshot
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Experience matters in the energy sub-sector

  • 148,000 energy professionals
  • 74% have 4+ years of work experience
  • 5% have <1 year of work experience
  • * ECO Canada, Careers in Energy, 2013.

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Snapshot 1 of 13: Sustainability

Sustainability Snapshot
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Sustainability sub-sector is growing

  • 50,650 sustainability professionals
  • 18% of Canadian organizations have at least one sustainability professional on staff
  • 46% of other employers plan to hire professionals
  • * ECO Canada, Careers in Sustainability, 2013.

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Snapshot 2 of 13: Air Quality

Air Quality Snapshot
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Small sub-sector is in demand

  • 29,500 core air quality jobs
  • About 2 in 3 employers expect the size of their workforce to increase
  • 20% expected to retire in the next 10 years
  • * ECO Canada, Careers in Air Quality, 2014.

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Snapshot 3 of 13: Site Assessment & Reclamation

Site Assessment & Reclamation Snapshot
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Multi-disciplinary labour force is in demand

  • 30,200 core site assessment & reclamation (SAR) workers
  • 68% of employers expect to increase staffing levels
  • 38% of SAR vacancies require project management competencies
  • * ECO Canada, Careers in Site Assessment & Reclamation, 2013.

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