The EYC Internship Program gives eligible employers 33% of an intern’s salary (up to $12,000) for a full-time environmental job related to science, technology, engineering, or mathematics.

We will start accepting applications on June 18, 2015

How the program works

1. Complete Application

Complete your EYC Internship Host Application, including the following details about the internship:

Apply to host an intern

2. Get Approved by EYC Team

We’ll review your application and email you within 10 business days if you are approved.

3. Find Intern & Have Intern Apply

Received approval? You’ll have 30 days to recruit an eligible intern. We can help by posting your position on the ECO Job Board at a discounted rate. Contact us to learn more >

Once you’ve found a candidate, let us know, and then make sure that your candidate also applies to the program and receives approval.

4. Intern Approved & Matched

Once you and your intern are approved, contact us so that we can complete the match.

5. Start Internship & Receive Subsidy Installments

As soon as you’re matched with your intern, we’ll send final contracts to start the internship and specify wage subsidy payments.

We’ll issue your first wage subsidy payment 3 months after the internship start date, provided that we have received all required documentation.

Throughout the internship, you’ll need to provide the following documentation by all indicated due dates:

Frequently asked questions

What information do I need to provide in the EYC Internship Host Application?

You’ll need to provide the following information in your application:

  • Contact information for your organization and the intern’s direct manager
  • Details about the internship job description, recruitment plan, salary costs, and training
How much money will my organization receive?

Your organization will receive a subsidy for 33% of your intern’s salary (up to a maximum of $12,000) from his or her start date to the end of the funding cycle.

When are the wage subsidy payments issued?

We’ll issue your first wage subsidy installment 3 months after the internship start date, provided that we have received your Host Report, your Intern’s Report, and salary verification documents for the period.

You will receive subsequent wage subsidy installments according to the payment schedule listed under Item #6 in your Host Agreement.

What does it mean if an intern candidate is “Pre-Approved”?

Intern candidates are considered “Pre-Approved” when they have met the basic eligibility requirements, but have not been matched yet with an approved internship host.

What information do I need to provide throughout the internship?

You’ll need to provide scheduled Host Reports and salary documentation by all due dates throughout the internship. We require this information before we can pay you the wage subsidy installments.

Note: If we do not receive this documentation from you within 2 weeks of the due dates, your internship will be revoked.

What types of salary verification documents are acceptable?

ECO Canada requires official proof of salary payment to your intern. Pay stubs are the most widely accepted form of documentation, as they show your intern’s year-to-date totals. If your intern is paid by cheque, we require copies of all cheque stubs issued to your intern.

We will subsidize the intern’s wage in addition to any mandatory employer related costs (such as CPP and EI). Please be sure your documentation shows these breakdowns.

What if my intern is paid more or less than I indicated on the application?

The salary figures you provided in your application are used to estimate the wage subsidy amount and payment schedule. If there are any discrepancies between your application figures and the actual figures, ECO Canada will make an adjustment to your final payment.

How do I submit Host Reports and salary documentation?

The link to each of your Host Reports will become accessible one month for the report is due. To submit your Host Report and salary documentation, login to your ECO Canada account, go to the “Employer Services” tab, scroll down to “Internship subsidies,” and click “Reporting.”

How does my intern submit Intern Reports?

The link to each Intern Report will become accessible one month before the report is due. To access the Intern Report, your intern can login to his or her ECO Canada account, go to the “My Jobs” tab, scroll down to “My Internship” and click “Reporting.”

Information for hosts during the internship

Thanks for hosting an intern with the EYC Internship Program!

Here’s a summary of key steps for internship hosts after your internship starts:

During the internship

To access your Host Reports, login to your ECO Canada account, go to the “Employer Services” tab, scroll down to “Internship subsidies,” and click “Reporting.”

End of the internship

Prefer to keep a printed copy of this information for reference?

See Host Information Sheet