Industry standards are vital to environmental auditing—not just for processes, but for skills and knowledge too. Become an Environmental Professional (EP) Auditor to show that you meet high standards of expertise.

What are my options?

EP(CEA): Compliance Auditor

You work with national and international auditing standards and focus on CSA Z773 or ISO 19011.

EP(EMSLA): Environmental Management Systems Lead Auditor

You specialize in one or both of the following areas:

  1. Environmental Management Systems (EMS): You audit organizations against the ISO 14001 standard, and you have the expertise to lead an EMS audit team or conduct audits on your own.
  2. Sustainable Forestry Management (SFM): You audit organizations against SFM standards like FSC, SFI, or CSA Z809. You have the skills and experience to lead an SFM audit team or conduct audits independently.

Do I qualify?

In addition to meeting the basic requirements for EP certification, you also need at least 35 hours of formal training in the following:

How to apply:

  1. Pay the application and exam fee.
    You’ll receive a payment confirmation notice with details on how to access your EP Auditor application.
    See the fees for EP(CEA) and EP(EMSLA)
  2. Complete your application. 
    You’ll need to submit info about your work experience, education and professional auditing practice.
  3. Write the EP Auditor exam.
    Once the EP registrar confirms your eligibility, you’ll need to write the online EP Auditor exam within three months of approval.
    See the EP Auditor Exam Guide
  4. Get evaluated by an environmental auditing expert.
    An auditing professional will review your listed education, experience, and professional practice.
  5. Receive final approval.
    The Canadian Environmental Certification Approvals Board (CECAB) will review your application and provide final approval. We’ll notify you by email with your results.

EP Auditor Fees

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