We Are Enhancing EP Certification and Want Your Help

2016 is a key year for ECO Canada, with enhancing the EP designation at the core of all our activities. As changes are occurring in the sector, EP needs to evolve to reflect the needs and demands of the industry. We’ve also heard from members that we need to improve member engagement, increase our credibility, and show more leadership in the environment sector.

Join our Certification Advisory Committee

The purpose of the Committee is support the evolution of environmental certification and membership, through advising, recruiting, and testing, during the scoping and implementation process.  Specific goals for the Advisory Committee include:

The Advisory Committee will meet by phone at least once every two months, and complete additional activities by email.  We anticipate a commitment of 2-4 hours each month, until June 2017, with the major activity taking place from August 2016 to January 2017.

Committee Member Benefits

As a hub for environmental professionals, being a member of ECO Canada’s Certification Advisory Committee provides you with an opportunity to influence the benchmark for evaluating the skill-sets and principles of environmental professionals across Canada. It also provides you an opportunity:

Open Call for New Members

We are now recruiting individuals for an Advisory Committee to provide varying levels of support and guidance as we develop components of certification and membership.

Member at Large (10 positions available)
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Committee Secretary (1 position available)
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Please submit your interest and resume to our
Deadline to apply is August 1, 2016.